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Holland College
Holland College 
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

address:  140 Weymouth Street
Charlottetown, C1A 4Z1

telephone:  +1 (902) 629 4217
telefax:  +1 (902) 629 4239
website URL:  http://www.hollandc.pe.ca/
e-mail address:  info@hollandc.pe.ca
staff: admin director: Brian McMillan
acad director: Carl Adams
admissions officer: Eleanor Gallant
chief librarian: Brenda Brady
public relations: Rod Stanley

subjects include: City Planning & Urban Design: Alton Glenn
Civil & Structural: Rod Dempsey
Computer Graphics & Image Processing: Sandy Carruthers
Culinary & Food: Dick MacDonald
History & Theory: Sandy Carruthers
Electrical & Electronics: David Webster
Furniture & Furnishings: Rod Dempsey
Graphics: Sandy Carruthers
Multimedia & Interaction: Jeff Marshall
Landscape & Environmental: Brian ONeill
Marine & Nautical: Alton Glenn
Mechanical & Manufacturing: David Webster
Photography: Alex Murchison
Video & Television: Terrence McGaughey
Animation & Simulation: Jeff Marshall

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