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Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Trent University 
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom (UK)

address:  Burton Street
NG1 4BU Nottingham
United Kingdom (UK)

telephone:  +44 (115) 941 8418
telefax:  +44 (115) 948 4266
website URL:
e-mail address:
staff: admin director: Raymond Cowell
admissions officer: Sara Lambert
public relations: Josh D. Wiggin

subjects include: Advertising: Bryan Taylor
Fashion & Textiles (fashion): Sue Keen & Brenda Sparkes
Architecture & Construction: T. J. Lane
Civil & Structural: Roger Hawkins
Costume & Theatrical: David Cockayne
Decorative Materials & Ornament: Peter Hillier
History & Theory: Gordon Kennedy
Electrical & Electronics: P. G. Holmes
Fashion & Textiles (textile): Kevin Byrne & Wallace Murdoch
Furniture & Furnishings: Paul Johnson
Graphics: Mike Hope and John Clarke
Industrial & Product: Paul Johnson
Multimedia & Interaction
Interior Design & Decorating: P. Vickers
Landscape & Environmental: Roy Morledge
Mechanical & Manufacturing: R. J. Whitrow
Music & Musical Instruments
Photography: Carolyn Welling
Video & Television: David Chandler
School of Art & Design: Simon Lewis
Animation & Simulation

libraries: Nottingham Trent University Library

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