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University of Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth 
Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom (UK)

address:  University House, Winston Churchill Avenue
PO1 2UP Portsmouth
United Kingdom (UK)

telephone:  +44 (23) 876 543
telefax:  +44 (23) 843 082
website URL:
e-mail address:
staff: admin director: Malcolm McVicar
acad director: Roger Moore
admissions officer: Andy Reess
chief librarian: Jane Feiven
public relations: John Bagnall

subjects include: Media Studies
Communication Design
School of Architecture: James Powell
Restorative & Decorative Studies: Melanie Lingard
Art, Design & Media (history): contact
History & Theory: Geoffrey Broadbent
Art, Design & Media (film): contact
Graphic Design
Art, Design & Media (multimedia)
Art, Design & Media (photography): contact
Art, Design & Media (video): contact
Art, Design & Media (moving image)
Art, Design & Media (fine art)
Art, Design & Media (computer animation)

libraries: University of Portsmouth Library

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