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University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield 
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (UK)

address:  Queensgate
HD1 3DH Huddersfield
United Kingdom (UK)

telephone:  +44 (1484) 422 288
telefax:  +44 (1484) 156 151
website URL:
staff: admin director: Brendan Evans
admissions officer: Margaret Andrew
chief librarian: Philip Sykes
public relations: Eric Giles

subjects include: Fashion & Apparel: Kevin Almond
Architecture: Denis Carling and Janine Riley
Automotive & Transportation: David Swann
Computer Graphics & Image Processing: Mike Oliver
Drama: Chris Meredith
Surface Design: Joanna Beale
Textiles: Paul Squires
Industrial Design: Paul Atkinson
Multimedia & Interaction: David Marland
Interior Design & Decorating: Robert Edwards
Video & Television: Mike Oliver
Fine Art: Tim Moscovitch

libraries: University of Huddersfield Library

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