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Curtin University of Technology
Curtin University of Technology 
Bentley, Western Australia, Australia

address:  GPO Box U1987
Bentley, WA 6845

telephone:  +61 (9) 351 2000
telefax:  +61 (9) 351 2255
website URL:
staff: admin director: J. Maloney
chief librarian: Vicki Williamson
public relations: L. Twomey

subjects include: Advertising: Blair McLeish
School of Architecture & Planning (architecture): L. Hegvold
Chemical & Process: T. Smith
School of Architecture & Planning (planning): D. Hedgcock
Civil Engineering: V. Rangan
Culinary & Food: R. Bell
History & Theory: Alun Price
Electrical & Electronics: B. Lawrence
Film & Cinematography: Peter Efford
Industrial & Product: Steve Rubeck
Multimedia & Interaction: Andrew Hutchins
Mechanical & Manufacturing: R. Entwhistle
Photography: Stephen Everton
Video & Television: Peter Efford

libraries: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library
Curtin University Library

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