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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  [ MIT ] 
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States (USA)

address:  77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States (USA)

telephone:  +1 (617) 253 4415
telefax:  +1 (617) 253 1660
website URL:
staff: admin director: Ellen Harris
acad director: Charles Vest
chief librarian: Ann J. Wolpert
public relations: Peggy McNally

subjects include: Aeronautics & Astronautics: E.M. Murman
School of Architecture & Planning (architecture): William J. Mitchell
Building Technology: L.R. Glicksman
Chemical Engineering: R.A. Brown
School of Architecture & Planning (planning): William J. Mitchell
Architecture & Media Arts: William J. Mitchell
City Planning: B.J. Frieden
Regional Planning: L.C. Keyes
Urban Design: G. Hack
Urban Studies & Planning: P. Clay
Civil Engineering: R.L. Bras
Structures: L.B. Groisser
Computer Graphics & Image Processing: Nicolas Negroponte
Theater Arts: A. Brody
Architectural History: S. Anderson
Art History: Atsushi Ogata
Urban History: R.M. Fogelson
Electrical Engineering: M.F. Schlecht
Film & Cinematography: Patrick Purcell
Graphics: Ron MacNeil
Industrial & Product
Architecture & Media Arts: William J. Mitchell
Multimedia & Interaction: Krizwsztof Wodiczko
Media Lab
Media Arts & Sciences: Marvin Minsky
Media Technology: Nicholas Negroponte
Environmental Engineering: R.L. Bras
Landscape & Environmental: Attilio Petruciolli
Ocean Engineering: C. Chryssostomidis
Mechanical & Manufacturing
Music & Musical Instruments: J.S. Bamberger
Photography: Krzysztof Wodizcko
Video & Television: Ed Levine
Center for Advanced Visual Studies: K. Wodiczko
Fine Arts: K. Wodiczko
Engineering: John Vander Sande
Laboratory for Computer Science
Computer Science: M.L. Dertouzos
Animation & Simulation: Linda Peterson

libraries: MIT Library
Rotch Library of Architecture & Planning
Barker Library
Barton Library

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