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Middlesex University
Middlesex University 
London, England, Middlesex (Greater London), United Kingdom (UK)

address:  Bonds Green Road
N11 2NQ London, England
United Kingdom (UK)

telephone:  +44 (208) 362 5000
telefax:  +44 (208) 362 0798
website URL:  http://www.mdx.ac.uk/

subjects include: Sonic Arts
Apparel Design & Merchandising
Apparel Design & Merchandising
Architectural & Spatial Culture
Architectural Design
Applied Arts (ceramics)
Applied Arts (glass)
Digital Architecture
Digital Arts: John Lansdown
Electronic Arts
Technical Theatre
Theatre Arts
Theatre Directing
Design Leadership
Art & Design History
Aesthetics & Art Theory
Fine Art Practice & Theory
History & Theory: David Furnham
Visual Culture
Applied Arts (textile): Jacqueline Guille
Constructed Textiles
Embroidered Textiles
Fashion Knitwear
Printed Textiles & Decoration
Film Studies: Len Breen
Furniture & Furnishings
Visual Communication (graphic design): Peter Osborne
Industrial Design
Product Design
Computing (interactive multimedia)
Visual Communication (multimedia): Peter Osborne
Interior Design
Sustainable Environmental Management
Video: Len Breen
Design Technology
Electronic Arts
Fine Art: Martin Pitts
Design & Technology
Design Engineering
Applied Computing

libraries: Middlesex University Library
Performance Arts Library
Trent Park Library

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