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University at Buffalo
University at Buffalo
  [ UB, State University of New York Buffalo ] 
Buffalo, New York, United States (USA)

address:  3435 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14260
United States (USA)

telephone:  +1 (716) 645 6878
telefax:  +1 (716) 645 6970
website URL:
staff: admin director: Tyrone Georgiou
public relations: Tyrone Georgiou

subjects include: Advertising: Weliam Kinser
Aeronautical Engineering: Christina L. Bloebaum
Fashion & Apparel: Barry Yavener
Architecture & Planning (architecture): Dennis Andrejko
Automotive & Transportation
Ceramics & Glass: Richard Butz
Chemical & Process
Architecture & Planning (planning): John S. Blis
Planning (comparative development): Kathryn Foster
Planning (economic development): Ernest Sternberg
Planning (integrative studies): Magda Cordell McHale
Planning (long-range planning): Ibrahim Jammal
Planning (minority economic development): Sherri Wallace
Planning (regional development): Sam Cole
Planning (regional planning): Yasuhide Okuyama
Planning (urban design): John B. Sheffer
Planning (urban planning): Ute Lehrer
Planning: G. William Page
Civil & Structural
Computer Graphics & Image Processing: Anthony Rozak
History of Urban Design: Alfred Price
Urban History: Henry Lewis Taylor
Art History: Rashed Mohsini
Electrical & Electronics
Fabric & Textile: Nancy Belper
Film & Cinematography: Martin Helander
Art (graphic design): James Astrella
Industrial & Product: Joseph Sharit
Interior Design & Decorating: Ted Maciurzynski
Jewelry & Metalwork: John Jauquet
Mechanical Engineering: Christina L. Bloebaum
Music & Musical Instruments
Photography: Kathleen Camibell
Video & Television: Martin Helander

libraries: University at Buffalo Library
Lockwood Memorial Library

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