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Texas A&M University - College Station
Texas A&M University - College Station 
College Station, Texas, United States (USA)

College Station, TX 77843
United States (USA)

telephone:  +1 (979) 845 3211
telefax:  +1 (979) 845 4491
website URL:  http://www.tamu.edu/
e-mail address:  admission@tamu.edu
staff: admin director: Charles Lee
chief librarian: Fred Heath
public relations: Robert Walker

subjects include: Aeronautics & Aerospace
Agricultural: Glen C. Shinn
Architecture: Larry Grosse
Construction: James C Smith
Biomedical & Biotechnology
Chemical & Process
Urban Planning
Civil & Structural
Computer Graphics & Image Processing: William Jenks
Architectural History
Electrical & Electronics
Film & Cinematography: David Woodcock
Industrial & Product
Multimedia & Interaction: William Jenks
Landscape Architecture
Marine & Nautical
Mechanical & Manufacturing
Video & Television: David G. Woodcock
Fine Arts
Computer Science
Animation: Donald House

libraries: Texas A&M University Library - College Station
Sterling C. Evans Library

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