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University of Auckland
University of Auckland 
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

address:  Private Bag 92019
Auckland, Auckland
New Zealand

telephone:  +64 (9) 373 7999
telefax:  +64 (9) 373 7405
website URL:
e-mail address:
staff: admin director: Jolyon Saunders
public relations: Jolyon Saunders

subjects include: Advertising
Architecture & Planning: P. J. Bartlett
Planning: T.W. Fookes & Jennifer Dixon
Civil Engineering: P.G. Lowe
Computer Graphics & Image Processing
Culinary & Food: E. L. Richards
Electrical & Electronic Engineering: J.T. Boys
Film & Cinematography
Graphic Design
Industrial & Product
New Media
Interior Design
Mechanical Engineering: J.L. Duncan
School of Music: contact
Video & Television
Elam School of Fine Arts: Micheal Dunn
Manukau School of Visual Arts: contact
Engineering: R.M. Sharp
Computer Science: C. Claude
Dance Studies: contact
Maori Performing Arts: contact
Pacific Performing Arts: contact

libraries: University of Auckland Library

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