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University of Miami
University of Miami 
Coral Gables, Florida, United States (USA)

address:  1300 Campo Santo, PO 248106
Coral Gables, FL 33124
United States (USA)

telephone:  +1 (305) 284 2542
telefax:  +1 (305) 284 2115
website URL:
staff: admin director: Marion Jefferson
chief librarian: Frank Rodgers
public relations: Marion Jefferson

subjects include: Advertising: Tom J. Gormley
Architecture: Roger Schluntz
Biomedical & Biotechnology
Ceramics & Glass: Ron Fondaw
Urban Design
Civil & Structural
Computer Graphics & Image Processing: J. Thomas Lopez
Art History
Electrical & Electronics
Fabric & Textile
Arts (graphics): Carlos Aguirre
Industrial & Product
Jewelry & Metalwork
Landscape & Environmental
Mechanical & Manufacturing
Photography: Edward Ghannam
Video & Television
Fine Arts
Computer & Software

libraries: University of Miami Library

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