University of Tennessee - Knoxville

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University of Tennessee - Knoxville
University of Tennessee - Knoxville 
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States (USA)

address:  1715 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37996-2410
United States (USA)

telephone:  +1 (615) 974 1000
telefax:  +1 (615) 974 3580
website URL:
staff: admin director: William Snyder
chief librarian: Paula Kaufman
public relations: Norman Magden

subjects include: Advertising: William Kennedy
Aeronautics & Aerospace: R. V. Arimilli
Agricultural: Randol G. Waters
Fashion & Apparel
Architecture: Marleen Davis
Biomedical & Biotechnology
Ceramics & Glass: Sandra Blarn
Chemical & Process: D. C. Bogue
City Planning & Urban Design: J. A. Spencer
Civil & Structural: R. M. Bennett
Computer Graphics & Image Processing: Cary Staplest
History & Theory: J. W. Fortey
Electrical & Electronics: I. Alexeff
Human Ecology (textile): Larry Wadsworth
Film & Cinematography: Philip Livingston
Art (graphic design): Cary Staples
Industrial & Product: W. W. Claycombe
Interior Design & Decorating: M. F. Drake
Mechanical & Manufacturing: J. W. Hodgson
Photography: Baldwin Lee
Video & Television: Michael Brakke
Fine Arts
Comnputer Science: William Kennedy

libraries: Hodges Library
UTK Library

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