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University of Texas - Austin
University of Texas - Austin 
Austin, Texas, United States (USA)

Austin, TX 78712
United States (USA)

telephone:  +1 (512) 471 3434
telefax:  +1 (512) 471 7801
website URL:
e-mail address:
staff: admin director: Mark Yudof
chief librarian: Harold Billings
public relations: Edwin Sharpe

subjects include: Acoustics
Communications (Advertising): Isabella C. M. Cunningham
Aerospace Engineering: David S. Dolling
Architecture: Michael L. Benedikt
Architectural Engineering
Biomedical Engineering: Kenneth R. Diller
Art & Art History (studio art): Donald D. Herron
Chemical Engineering: John G. Ekerdt
Architecture (community & regional planning): D. Andrew Vernooy
Civil & Structural: James Jirsa
Theatre (production): Amarante Lucero
Art History: Jacqueline Barnitz
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Francis X. Bostick
Communications (Radio-Television-Film): Tom Schatz
Film & Cinematography
Fine Arts (graphic design): Kate Catterall
Architecture (interior design): Nancy P. Kwallek
Architecture (landscape architecture): David Heymann
Mechanical Engineering: J. Parker Lamb
Music: Elliott Antokoletz
Music & Musical Instruments
Art & Art History (studio art): Gibbs Milliken
Communications (Radio-Television-Film): Horace Newcomb
Video & Television
Art & Art History (studio art): Kenneth J. Hale
Fine Arts
Computer Science
Dance (production): Amarante Lucero

libraries: Perry-Castaņeda Library
Alexander Architectural Archive

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