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University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (USA)

address:  4200 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
United States (USA)

telephone:  +1 (412) 624 4141
telefax:  +1 (412) 648 2792
website URL:
e-mail address:
staff: admin director: James Maher
admissions officer: Joseph Wright
chief librarian: Paul Kobulnicky
public relations: Michael Morrill

subjects include: Communications: Dennis Hatton
Chemical & Process: G. D. Holder
City Planning & Urban Design: J. P. deAngelis
Civil & Structural: F. Moses
Theatrical: W. S. Coleman
Architectural History: H. A. Weis
Art History: H. A. Weis
Electrical & Electronics: M. Simaan
Film & Cinematography: L. Fischer
Industrial & Product
Mechanical & Manufacturing: M. J. Kolar
Fine Arts

libraries: Frick Fine Arts Library

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