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Edinburgh College of Art
Edinburgh College of Art 
Edinburgh, Midlothian (Scotland), United Kingdom (UK)

address:  74 Lauriston Place
EH3 9DF Edinburgh
United Kingdom (UK)

telephone:  +44 (131) 221 6000
telefax:  +44 (131) 221 6001
website URL:  http://www.eca.ac.uk/
e-mail address:  l.mitchell@eca.ac.uk
staff: admin director: Michael Docherty
acad director: Ian Howard
admissions officer: Marian Hall
chief librarian: Wilson Smith
public relations: Josephine Melville

subjects include: Visual Communication: Brent MacGregor
Design & Applied Arts (fashion): Robert Gillan
Architectural Conservation: Julian Holder
Architecture: Leslie Forsyth
Design & Applied Arts (architectural glass): Ray Flavell
Design & Applied Arts (ceramics): Mick Brettle
Design & Applied Arts (glass): Ray Flavell
Housing Studies: Lou Rosenburg
Housing: Delia Lomax
Planning & Housing: Alan Prior
Town Planning: Jeremy Raemaekers
Urban & Environmental Development: Paul Jenkins
Urban & Regional Planning : Alan Prior
Urban Design: Leslie Forsyth
Design & Applied Arts (performance costume): Robert Gillan
Design & Applied Arts (textiles): Robert Gillan
Tapestry: Maureen Hodge
Visual Communication (film): Paul Harris
Design & Applied Arts (furniture): Alistair Milligan
Visual Communication (graphic design): Zoe Stables
Design & Applied Arts (interior design): Michael Green
Design & Applied Arts (jewellery & silversmithing): Dorothy Hogg
Golf Course Architecture: Nigel Rudd
Landscape Architecture: Catherine Ward Thompson
Landscape Studies: Nigel Rudd
Visual Communication (photography): David Williams
Visual Communication (tv): Paul Harris
Design & Applied Arts: Les Mitchell
Drawing & Painting: Karen Forbes Visser
Visual Communication (animation): Donald Holwill

libraries: Edinburgh College of Art Library

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