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Acoustics & Sound Societies & Associations
Australasian Sound Record Association
Australian Acoustical Society
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Canadian Acoustical Association
Canadian Machinery Vibration Association

Finland (Suomi)
Helsinki Acoustics Laboratory

Art, Science & Technology Network
Institut de Recherche et Coordination en Acoustique et Musique
Mediatheque Musicale de Paris
Société Française d'Acoustique

Gesellschaft für Sonologie
International Speech Communication Association

Greece (Hellas)
European Association for Speech, Signal & Image Processing
Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics

Italy (Italia)
Italian Acoustics Association
Music Acoustics Group
National Research Council - IT

Japan (Nippon)
Acoustical Society of Japan
Theatrical Sound Effects Designers Association of Japan

Korea, South
Acoustical Society of Korea

United Kingdom (UK)
British Kinematograph, Sound & Television Society
Institute of Acoustics
Institute of Sound & Vibration Research
Professional Light & Sound Association
Radio Society of Great Britain

United States (USA)
Acoustical Society of America
American Institute of Physics
Audio Engineering Society
Catgut Acoustical Society
Institute of Noise Control Engineering
International Association forf Radio, Telecommunications & Electromagnetics
National Council of Acoustical Consultants
Society for Electro-Acoustic Music
Southern California Antique Radio Society

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