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Directory of Journals & Magazines in Southern Asia
Bangladesh (Bengal)
Bangladesh Development Studies
Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Economics
Bangladesh Journal of Jute & Fiber Research
Dui Banglar Theatre
IAB Newsletter
Journal of Health, Population & Nutrition
Jute & Jute Fabrics
Shudhu Natok
Theatre Dhaka

7 Stars Worldwide
Acta Ciencia Indica - Chemistry
Advances in Applied Mathematical Analysis
Advances in Dynamical Systems & Applications
Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics
Advances in Theoretical & Applied Mathematics
Advertising & Marketing - IN
Aeromag Asia
AeSI Newsletter
Amrit Kirtan
Animation Reporter
Apparel - IN
Aqua Star
Architecture plus Design
Art India
Art Journal - IN
Arts News - IN
Aviation Times
Better Homes & Gardens - IN
Beverage & Food World
Bollywood News
Broadcast & CableSat
Casaviva - IN
Chemical Engineering World
City Cheers
Communications in Mathematical Analysis
Communications Today
Computer Science & Informatics
Crafts Bulletin
Defence & Security of India
Designer - IN
Elle - IN
Environment Pollution Control Journal
Eve's Weekly
Fashion Times - IN
Franchise Plus
Ganita Bharati
Gem & Jewelery
Global Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics
Home Review
Hosiery & Textile
Hosiery Report Weekly
Housing Times
IETE Journal of Research
IETE Technical Review
IIA Journal
IIA Newsletter
IIOAB Journal
In Touch with Fashion
Indian Architect
Indian Architect & Builder
Indian Auto
Indian Aviation Civil & Military
Indian Construction
Indian Defence Review
Indian Film Culture
Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Indian Journal of Biotechnology
Indian Journal of Chemical Technology
Indian Journal of Chemistry
Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences
Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Indian Journal of Human Genetics
Indian Journal of Marine Sciences
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics
Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics
Indian Journal of Sericulture
Indian Media Review
Indian Photography & Cinematography
Indian Silk
Indian Textile Journal
Inside Outside
Instruments & Electronics Developments
Instruments India
Interiors - IN
International Aerospace Review & Analysis
International Journal of Applied Chemistry
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry
International Journal of Computational & Applied Mathematics
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research
International Journal of Difference Equations
International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids
International Journal of Lakes & Rivers
International Journal of Materials Science
International Journal of Mechanics & Solids
International Journal of Oceans & Oceanography
International Journal of Plastics Technology
International Journal of Pure & Applied Physics
International Journal of Recent Scientific Research
International Journal of Statistics & Systems
International Journal of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
International Journal of Tropical Agriculture
Journal of Biopesticides
Journal of Cognitive Systems & Robotics
Journal of Indian Institute of Architects
Journal of Industrial Engineering
Journal of Intelligent Agent & Multi-Agent Systems
Journal of Intelligent Human-Computer & Web Interaction
Journal of Knowledge, Learning & Ontology Engineering
Journal of Language Technologies & Machine Translation
Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research
Journal of the Aeronautical Society of India
Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects
Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science
Journal of the Textile Association
Man-made Textiles in India
Marie Claire - IN
Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena
Maxim - IN
MM Industry
Photo Imaging
Pitch - IN
Popular Plastics & Packaging
Saffron in Kashmir
Sangeet Natak
Science, Technology & Society
Semiconductor India
SNS Europe
Solitaire International
Sourcing Hardware
Tea Journal
Textile - IN
Textile Association Journal
Textile Dyer & Printer
Textile India Progress
Textile Machinery
Textile News
Textile Trends
The Textile Magazine
TV Veopar Journal
Urban & Rural Planning Thought
Vayu Aerospace & Defence Review
Wool & Woolen
Wool & Woolens of India
Wool News

Acta Science, Technology & Management
Advances in Biological Research
Agricultural Economics & Marketing Journal
American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Science
American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy
Archi Times
Architecture + Interiors
British Journal of Poultry Sciences
Global Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry
Global Journal of Environmental Research
International Journal of Planetary & Space Research
International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants
Pakistan Development Review
Pakistan Textile Journal
World Engineering & Applied Sciences Journal
World Information Technology Journal
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences
World Journal of Chemistry
World Journal of Dairy & Food Sciences
World Journal of Fish & Marine Sciences

Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Sri Lanka Architect

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