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Directory of Journals & Magazines in Central Asia
Film International - IR
International Journal of Environmental Research
International Journal of Nano Dimension
International Nano Letters
Iranian Journal of Environmental Health, Science & Engineering
Iranian Journal of Polymer Science & Technology
Journal of Biodiversity & Ecological Sciences
Kohan Journal

Kazakhstan (Qazaqstan)
Kompleksnoe Ispol'zovanie Mineral'nogo Syr'ia

Acta Science, Technology & Management
Advances in Biological Research
Agricultural Economics & Marketing Journal
American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Science
American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy
Archi Times
Architecture + Interiors
British Journal of Poultry Sciences
Global Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry
Global Journal of Environmental Research
International Journal of Planetary & Space Research
International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants
Pakistan Development Review
Pakistan Textile Journal
World Engineering & Applied Sciences Journal
World Information Technology Journal
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences
World Journal of Chemistry
World Journal of Dairy & Food Sciences
World Journal of Fish & Marine Sciences

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