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Automotive & Transportation Societies & Associations
Association of Automotive Manufacturers
Automotive Engineers & Technicians Association
Chamber of Trailer Manufacturers

Australasian Railway Association
Chartered Institute of Transport
Design Institute of Australia
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
Society of Automotive Engineers - AU

Austria (Österreich)
Association of the Austrian Vehicle Industry
Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers

Belarus (Byelorussia)
Belarussian Automotive Industry Research Institute

Association of European Automobile Manufacturers
Belgian Federation of Automobile & Cycle Industries
Belgian Union of Automotive Engineers
Committee of the Automotive Component & Equipment Industry
International Road Federation

Brazil (Brasil)
Brazilian Automotive Engineering Association
National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers

Society of Automotive Engineers - Bulgaria
Union of Automobile Importers in Bulgaria

Air Transport Research Society
Automotive Industries Association of Canada
Canadian Urban Transit Association
Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association
Corporation des Concessionnaires d'Automobiles de Montréal
Design Exchange
Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa
Toronto Automobile Dealers Association
Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association

China (PRC)
China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Society of Automotive Engineers of China

China (Taiwan)
Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association

Croatia (Hrvatska)
Croatian Society for Engines & Vehicles
Croation Chamber of Economy Association of Vehicle Importers & Distributors

Czech Republic
Czech Automotive Industry Association
Czech Society of Automotive Engineers

Danish Car Importers Association

Egyptian Automobile Manufacturers Association

Finland (Suomi)
Association of Automobile Importers in Finland
Association of Automotive Technical Societies in Finland

Comité des Constructeurs Français d'Automobiles
Fédération des Industries des Equipements pour Vehicules
Florida RV Trade Association
Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles
Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile

Association of Automobile Importers
Bayern Design Forum
Gesellschaft Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik
Industrie Forum Design Hannover
Verband der Automobilindustrie

Greece (Hellas)
Association of Motor Vehicle Importers

Hungary (Magyarország)
Association of the Hungarian Automotive Industry

Automotive Component Manufacturers Association
Automotive Research Association of India
Society of Automotive Engineers - IN
Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers

Society of the Irish Motor Industry

Italy (Italia)
Automotive Technology Association
Italian Motorcyclist Federation
National Association of Automotive Industries
National Union of Foreign Automotive Representatives

Japan (Nippon)
East Japan Railway Culture Foundation
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
Japan Automobile Research Institute
Japan Bicycle Association
Japan Motor Industrial Federation
Japan Road Contractors Association
Japan Society of Automotive Engineers
Nihon Bus Association

Korea, South
Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association
Korean Society of Automotive Engineers

Latvian Society of Automotive Engineers

Organizacion Mexicana del Deporte Automovilistico

Netherlands (Holland)
Dutch Association of the Automotive Industry

Bilimportorenes Landsforening

Association of Automotive Employers

Association of Automobile Assembly Industry
Motor Trade Association of Portugal

Association of Automotive Manufacturers & Importers
Automotive Engineers Society of Romania

Association of Automotive Engineers
Automobile & Road Building Society
Automobile Research Institute
Complex Transportation Institute
Society of Manufacturers of Motor Vehicles, Farm Machinery & Components

Serbia & Montenegro (Yugoslavia)
Serbian Transportation Institute
Yugoslav Society of Automotive Engineers

Slovak Automotive Industry Association
Slovak Society of Automotive Engineers

Slovenia (Slovenija)
Avto Drustvo Slovenije
Slovenian Automotive Component Manufacturers Association

South Africa
National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa

Spain (España)
Spanish Association of Automobile & Truck Manufacturers

Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Institute of Automotive Engineers - Sri Lanka

BIL Sweden
Swedish Vehicular Engineering Association

Switzerland (Confoederatio Helvetica)
Chambre Syndicale Suisse de l'Automobile
Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail
International Air Transport Association
Society of Automotive Engineers of Switzerland

Thai Automotive Industry Association
Thai Society of Automotive Engineers

Automotive Manufacturers Association

Association of Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers

United Kingdom (UK)
British Motorcycle Federation
International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies
Motorcycle Industry Association
Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders

United States (USA)
Air Transport Association
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials
American International Automobile Dealers Association
American Public Transit Association
American Society of Transportation & Logistics
American Trucking Associations
Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
Association of American Railroads
Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
Automotive Communications Council
Automotive Dismantlers & Recyclers Association
Buick Club of America
Chicago Automobile Trade Association
Denver Electric Vehicle Council
Electric Auto Association
Electric Railroaders Association
Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
Institute of Transport Engineers
Institute of Transportation Engineers
Intelligent Transportation Society of America
International Association of Railway Operating Officers
Katy Railroad Historical Society
Mobile Air Conditioning Society
National Association of Trailer Manufacturers
National Automobile Dealers Association
National Defense Industry Association
National Electric Drag Racing Association
National Street Rod Association
Overseas Automotive Council
Pittsburgh Automobile Trade Association
Railway Tie Association
Society of Automotive Engineers - US
Tire & Rim Association
Train Collectors Association
Truck Cover & Tarp Association
United Auto Workers
United Transportation Union

Uzbek Association of Automobile Industry Enterprises

Viet Nam (Vietnam)
Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers

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